Fansub Update

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  • Newcomer BlackDeath Studios announced Saturday their completion of their first solo project, Tonde Buurin (Boorin the Pig) Volume 1 (episodes 1-4). The project will be up for trades after its premiere at the Anime Stack showing on Saturday, November 14th, and the group expects to get started on the next volume right away.

  • Ventura Anime also announced Saturday its completion of the second Fushigi Yuugi OAV series, which is six parts. Masters will be sent to distributors within a few days.

  • Mayonaka Anime's Ryan Coyle announced the group's completion of their renditions of the two parts of the End of Evangelion movie, "Air" and "My True Heart, To You," as they call them. Mastering is expected to start next week. Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro was also finished, but will not be distributed, pending Manga Entertainment's domestic subtitled release.

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