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AnimEigo announces licensing options

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AnimEigo had two big announcements last week, the biggest of which is the possibility of picking up new TV series. A survey is being conducted by AnimEigo to see which of four series spark interest: You're Under Arrest! TV, Yū Yū Hakusho TV series, Magical Stage Fancy Lala, and Yawara! - A Fashionable Judo Girl.

What format the series will be released in is unknown at this point (other than that it will be a special edition box), but AnimEigo states that 1200-1500 signatures will be necessary to release each series.

The other big announcement was the forthcoming Urusei Yatsura DVD boxes. All currently released UY episodes (both TV, Movie, and OAV) will see a re-release on DVD, each of which will contain twice what a VHS release contains, and have a retail price of $59.99 each. Those who pre-order DVD sets (two TV show sets with five discs each, and one movie/OAV set with 4 discs) will get them for $50-40 each, depending on the number of pre-orders.

Mastering of each disc set will start after 500 signatures are gathered (which should be a cinch, since AnimeonDVD.com already has 1,400 for the series), and AnimEigo expects each project to take around three months to complete.

Those wanting more information on either offer can go to the AnimEigo web site.

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