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May TV and OAV roundup

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Niels Viveen has taken up where Mr. Obien left off in posting some of the highlights of the new issue of AX, and we'll pass them along...

The Utena movie, which director Kunihiko Ikuhara has expressed will NOT be for kids, will be pretty short, as it will be shown as a double-bill with the Cyber Team Akihabara 2010 movie. The film will focus on Utena's relationship with Touga Kiriyu, and will feature another male equivilent to Utena.

Gundam once again seems to be targeted towards a broader audience, as the manga to the new Sunrise TV show Turn A Gundam is being published in an elementry school boys' magazine. Some reports note that Yoko Kanno is doing the music. The first Melty Lancer OAV went on sale on April 25 from Bandai Visual on tape and LD. The series features art by Gonzo, best known for his work on Blue #6, the submarine series being released by AnimeVillage. Also out last month are the seventh volumes of AIKa and Change Getta Robo, as well as volume 10 of MS Gundam 08th MS Team. A new one-part Samurai Spirits OAV (better known as Samurai Showdown in the United States) is being released on June 25. A new Street Fighter anime is in the works.to coincide with the popularity of the Street Fighter Alpha 3 PlayStation release. No word on any American licenses.

City Hunter had another TV special air on NTV on April 23. No word on what the plot was. Also, the Urushihara/Yoshimoto team (Plastic Little, Legend of Lemnear) reunification OAV planned for this Christmas has been delayed until next year. Also new on the air is Angel Links (from the crew of Outlaw Star on WOWOW), Betterman (a late-night Sunrise project on TV Osaka), Kaikan Phrase (A rocking shoujo anime with bishonen aplenty), the new AD Police TV series (which has been compared to the Virus anime), Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko (featuring the voice of Megumi Hayashibara), and I'll Be Your Angel.

Thanks to Niels Viveen and David Park for their information.

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