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About.Anime.Com is running an article about Cartoon Network's announcements at the San Diego ComicCon.

First and foremost, it seems that Blue Submarine No. 6 is now expected to air October 16th through October 19th, not the week prior as previously reported.

On October 20th, Toonami will start showing anime movies. The first movie is supposedly "Gundam: Endless Waltz". New anime movies (or strings of OAV series, cut together to make a "movie") are expected to appear every friday on Toonami.

Toonami has also acquired (or is seeking to acquire) a number of titles for possible broadcast, including more Gundam, Outlaw Star, Big O, the Reboot Movies, and the Sailor Moon Movies.

Tenchi has sparked little anger over the 'sexiness' of the series. Apparently, more complaints have been lodged about WWF commercials airing during Toonami than about Tenchi's risque dialogue and on-screen antics. We will not see an unedited version of Tenchi Muyo! on the Toonami Midnight Run, because young kids watch the late-night broadcasts and CN desires their channel to be a "safe place" for viewers of all ages.

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