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ADV Films

Samurai X: Trust (Rurouni Kenshin: Trust) will be released on DVD on October 10th with English dialogue and Japanese dialogue/English subtitles. Suggested retail price is $29.98. The VHS version was previsouly announced and hits the streets Tuesday, August 22nd. The four episode (60 minutes each, 2 episodes per tape) OVA series is a prequel to the Kenshin TV series which is being released by Media Blasters.

Anchor Bay

No release information, just a statement regarding the Angel's Egg DVD "We're still trying to track down quality elements for a release, but we're still working on it." Source: ANS


The first volume of Cardcaptors entitled "Test of Courage" has been announced for November 14th. The three episode volume will have a suggested retail price of $14.98 for the dubbed VHS and $24.98 for the dubbed DVD.

The first volume of Cardcaptor Sakura (in its complete, uncut, unedited glory) will also be released on November 14th. The four episode, subtitled volume will have an SRP of $24.98 for VHS and $29.98 for DVD.

Urban Vision

The original Vampire Hunter D OVA from 1985 will be released on DVD on October 17th. Special features will include a trailer for the new Vampire Hunter D movie (reviewed here), footage from the making of Vampire Hunter D and a preview of the Vampire Hunter D video game.

Note: In a previous iteration of this post it was stated that Vampire Hunter D would be released on October 11th, this is not the case, the release date is October 17th AnimeNewsNetwork regrets the error.

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