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Manga sent out two press releases today, first one dealing with their eagerly anticipated DVD release of Wings of Honneamise which will be available on November 28th and the second one announcing the Macross II: The Movie also coming out on DVD on November 28th, pre-orders for both titles are November 10th.

Wings of Honneamise's November 28 release date has been mentionned on ANN more than once already, but such an important date is worth mentionning again.

Wings of Honneamise
125 Minutes
English: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Japanese: Dolby Surround
English Subtitles
16 X 9 Anamorphic Transfer
Bonus features include: a newly produced Directors Commentary in Japanese with English subtitles, the original Wings of Honneamise promotional short, a new scene previously only available in Japan, the conceptual artwork and storyboards, a scene index, Manga 2000 previews, Manga Video Fan Club Info and a Manga Web Link.

Macross II (aka Lover's Again)
120 minutes
English & Japanese: Dolby Surround
English Subtitles
Bonus Features: crew information, mechanical designs, an image gallery, music video, Manga's 2000 previews, fan club info and web link.

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