Adam Warren to write Gen13

posted on 2000-11-22 00:04 EST
Adam Warren, best known for his work on the American Dirty Pair Manga, will take over the task of writting Image's Gen13 comic as of issue #60. Warren will also be illustrating issue 60, and providing covers for future issues, however Ed Benes will continue to be the regular illustrator for subsequent issues of Gen 13.

In the past Warren has written and illustrated two Gen 13 mini series, Grunge: The Movie and Magical Drama Queen Roxy. The four issues of Grunge: The Movie were the most popular issues of Gen13 ever. Issue #60 will tell the story of the "rise – and fall – of Gen13" as told by the television documentary series, "Behind the Power," a parody of VH1's "Behind the Music".

Warren has also submitted a proposal for a "Gen13/Dirty Pair" intercompany crossover with Dark Horse Comics.

Warren's cover for issue #62 can be seen here:

Source1: UMJAMS Anime News
Source3: Diamond Comic

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