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When asked Mr. Hiroki Hayashi about the rumoured 3rd Tenshi OVA series he responded that he did not know of anything and he believed that there were no plans at AIC for a third OVA series. Mr. Hayashi was the director of the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki OVAs, in addition to directing the OVAs he also wrote the screenplay.

Mr Kazuya Tanaka, sound director at AIC, further confirmed Mr Hayashi's statement saying, "There are many producers like Mr Hayashi at AIC, but there are very few sound directors" and that he also knew nothing of a 3rd Tenshi Series.

During the interview it was also meantioned that AIC is putting less money into their current productions that they used to. It would seem that cheap animation such as what is found in Black Heaven will be the norm for future releases from AIC. Black Heaven has been widely received as having a decent storyline, but poor Animation.

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