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posted on 2000-11-29 11:43 EST

Prime North, a start up Texas-based digital comic book publisher who owns and operate an online comic book site has announced that the company has decided to redirect its mission by expanding's web site services and features.

The web site now features more online comics, 3D animation webisodes, an anime radio station a larger online games arcade, free email, a comic auction site, art tutorials, and many new features to be announced.

"Comic book publishing companies especially top companies like Marvel and Dark Horse are starting to realize that online comics are the wave of the future." according to Austin Osueke, President of Prime North, Inc. ". Even though these companies are established and dominate the market, the Internet takes things on an even playing field. The players that win in this game are the ones that can provide quality content that utilizes state of the art Internet technology and at the same time easily accessible to all visitors."

Many industry sources believe the Internet is attribute to the declining comic market and comic sites providing comic e-books are supplement to that decline.

"It's a new age in comic books. The industry has evolved into a new age. There was the Silver Age, Golden Age, and now there's the Digital Age for the comic industry. I don't think comic book publishing companies should fear this new age but embrace and adapt with it. In this new age of information, large or small companies of any industry must evolve with the new age or risk extinction. It's a good sign when a company like Marvel Comics realize this new trend and adapt with it."

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