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ADV Films sent out a press release today announcing the upcoming release of Samurai X: The Motion Picture and Gasaraki: From the Ashes as well as Lost Universe: Volume 6.

Samurai X: The Motion Picture

The war against the Tokugawa Shogunate ended years ago. But there are some who are not happy with the outcome. Shigure Takimi watched his friends and family get slashed down in the name of freedom and prosperity. Now he and a band of desperate rebels have sworn to settle one final score. Only one man stands in their way: Rurouni Kenshin. Will the former assassin take up his sword to fight again? When Shigure discovers Kenshin's true identity and his fight becomes a personal vendetta, the young hero will have no choice.

Samurai X: The Motion Picture
Running Time: 90 minutes Age Rating: 17yrs.+

Street Date: 3/27/01

VHS (English Dubbed) $19.98
DVD Billingual $29.98

Gasaraki: From the Ashes (Volume 4)

The secrets of the kugutsu continue to come to light as Yushiro and Miharu find themselves pursued by both the military and the Gowas. Their only hope: to discover the true nature of the kai before it can be used against the nation of Japan. Meanwhile, Yushiro's SSDF teammates find themselves thrown into a deadly mission of their own, forced into combat with a berserk squad of rogue TAs!

Gasaraki: From the Ashes
Running Time: 75 minutes Age Rating: 12yrs+

Pre-Book Date: 2/27/01
Street Date: 3/27/01

VHS(English-Dubbed) $19.98
DVD(Billingual) $29.98

The Lost Universe: Volume 6

Someone has turned the universe upside down! Millie and Nina are adrift in space! Rail Claymore is running for his life! Kain is hiding out! And Kali has just taken over the Universal Guardians! The only thing that could make matters worse is if an evil rival suddenly destroyed Swordbreaker.

Lost Universe: Volume 6
Running Time: 75 minutes Age Rating: 12yrs+

VHS Pre-Book Date: 2/13/01 DVD Pre-Book Date: 3/13/01
VHS Street Date: 3/13/01 DVD Street Date: 4/10/01

DVD (Billingual) $29.98
VHS (English-dubbed) $19.98
VHS (English-subtitled) $29.95

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