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Bandai has sent out a press release about the upcoming releases of volumes 3 and 4 of the Escaflowne TV series.

Escaflowne Angels and Demons (V.3)
Escaflowne Past and Present (V.4)

Street Date: 2/6/2001
Order cut off date: 1/2/2001
Running Time: 75 Minutes
DVD Price: $29.98 (14 and up)
VHS Dub Price: $19.98 (14 and up)
Fox Kids Version: $14.98 (Dubbed and edited, 7 years an up)

Escaflowne Angels and Demons (V.3) Synopsis:

Hitomi is an ordinary girl caught up in a struggle on a fantastic planet! She has already seen more destruction and sadness than she thought possible. Now, a stray feather causes Hitomi to see Van's past with her special abilities. She learns what his life was like, but there is little time for pity, as the Dragon Slayers are after the Escaflowne. Allen is wounded in battle, and a Zaibach spy attacks Hitomi with the power to see into her mind. But the prophecy of death he sees - who is it for?

Escaflowne Past and Present (V.4) Synopsis:

The struggle on Gaea continues and Hitomi begins to realize her importance in this war. Allen and company prove their loyalty and are cleared of any charges. Meanwhile, amidst all the fighting, Millerna makes a shocking discovery. Zaibach's forces march through Freid, destroying everything in it 's path. Folken is determined to retrieve the legendary sword of Atlantis and make Hitomi's vision a reality. During the battle, Van and the Escaflowne suffer near-fatal injuries. Can they both be healed, or will the blood pact that binds Van to Escaflowne doom them both?

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