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DVD News

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AnimEigo's Spirit of Wonder DVD can now be ordered on their webpage. Price is $22.45 plus shipping, and shipping date is shortly after Christmas. AnimEigo has not stated if this DVD will be available from regular retailer sites.

In addition, recently AnimEigo's website has added DVD information about the production of BAOH, Lone Wolf & Cub (first 2 movies), Urusei Yatsura TV Volumes 6-10. These DVDs are being currently being authored, along with Spirit of Wonder included in that batch. After these titles are Oh My Goddess!, Vampire Miyu, Bubblegum Crash, the UY Movies and OVA's, as well as UY TV 26. They also say that, they'll "try to sneak Otaku no Video in there somewhere as well", and "We also intend to release Kimagure Orange Road (Movie, OVA's and TV series) in the first half of 2001."

In other news, Anime On DVD has contacted Palm Pictures/Manga Entertainment about the defective Wings of Honneamise DVD, which reportedly has video problems due to the use of a nonstandard video format. Palm Pictures states that they are actively investigating the issue. Hopefully Manga Entertainment will supply information about this issue shortly.

An Anime on DVD reader has claimed that Bandai's Escaflowne DVDs will be released by June 2001, not December 2001 as previously reported. Bandai has already confirmed DVD 3 and 4 will be released on 2/6. Reportedly, discs 5 and 6 will be released on April 3rd, and discs 7 and 8 will be released on June 5th.

Finally, the Fatal Fury OVA DVD has been pushed back to 2/6.

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