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Bandai Aquires Big O and Candidate for Goddess and is looking to get them on TV.

Source: Kidscreen

Bandai Entertainment has aquired the North American rights to Big O and Candidate for Goddess and is looking to get them on TV.

While Bandai has yet to make an official announcement regarding the series they have confirmed with us that both series have been licenced, are being promoted to TV broadcasters and DVD announcements for both series will be made shortly.

According to Kidscreen Bandai is looking to license the two series for broadcast on Cartoon Network sometime in the near future.

The 13 episode "Big O" was produced by Sunrise and the 12 episode fan subber favorite, Cadidate for Goddess was jointly produced by Xebec (Production I.G) and Bandai. Candidate for Goddess will be renamed Pilot Candidate.

According to Kidscreen we can expect the two series, as well as the upcoming broadcast of Outlaw Star, to undergo a "localization process". In other words the series will be edited so that the content is appropriate for American viewership and appeals to the target 7 to 13 demographic. Same as with most previous Anime broadcasts.

Regarding Outlaw Star on Cartoon Network, Anime News Network almost has the entire story, but for a short update: Cartoon Network will be airing more than the 15 episodes rumours pointed to.

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