2000 Squiddies Comic awards ballot online

posted on 2001-01-11 13:38 EST
Vote for you favorite Manga or Comics in the 2000 Internet rec.arts.comics awards

the official ballot for the 2000 INTERNET REC.ARTS.COMICS AWARDS, popularly known as "THE SQUIDDIES", has been posted to and rec.arts.comics.misc.

Excert from post:

The Squiddies are the rec.arts.comics newsgroups' annual comics industry awards. Except for the CBG awards, no still-existing industry award is older. Known originally as "the Great Usenet Comics Poll," the Squiddies have been continuously awarded every year since the mid-1980's.

The Squiddies were named after Suicide Squid--a mythical comic book character accidentally created in April 1991 when Mitsuhiro Sakai wanted to ask about developments in the series Suicide Squad, but typed "i" instead of "a". Many rec.arts.comics regulars responded with earnest and elaborate accounts of what was going on in the Suicide Squid comic... which didn't really exist. The rec.arts.comics awards (already several years running by that time) were nicknamed in his honor.

The list of award categories is extremely lengthy, and the administrators of the awards have requested that the ballot not be re-posted outside of or rec.arts.comics.misc.

If you are interested in voting for your favorite Manga or comic, head over to or rec.arts.comics.misc and pick up the ballot there.

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