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posted on 2001-01-16 22:24 EST
Duplicate reviews allowed this month only

Anime News Network has never felt the need to review an Anime more than once, it is true that there can be different opinions about any given Anime, but we believe that 1) a well written review will clearly help anyone decide whether or not they will enjoy a certain Anime, even if their opinions are different from those of the reviewer, and 2) There are many other Anime sites with very well written reviews, therefore ANN should focus on reviewing more titles, rather than posting multiple reviews of teh same title.

In the future we will be linking our reviews directly to the discussion forum so that people may discuss the reviews, disagree and post their own opinions about the Anime.

Unfortunately we were not clear about this issue at the beginning of the month, and several people have submitted very well written reviews of titles that have already been reviewd on ANN. For this reason we will be accepting and posting alternate reviews for the month of January only. If you've already started one, make sure you get it in before February 1st.

On a related topic, Anime News Network does post DVD reviews of titles that have already been reviewed on VHS or in the theatre. These DVD review hoever do not re-review the Anime itself, instead the focus on the DVD package, digital transfer, extras and so on. As they are not complete reviews we will not be accepting them for the contest. However, again, since we did not think to state this when the contest was first announced, we will be accepting complete DVD reviews of titles that have already been reviewed in another format. But only for this month. Please note, these reviews have to be complete, they must review the Anime itself.

We apologise for the confusion, and would like to thank all the people who have already submitted reviews. We currently have over 10 reviews in various stages of editing, some of which should be on the site within a day.

Keep 'em coming.


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