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Dragon Ball Z DVD and VHS releases

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DVDs delayed, upcoming VHS releases

Source: Anime Nation
Referrer: UMJAMS Anime News

Anime Nation has received word from FUNimation stating that the four Dragon Ball Z Android saga DVDs, "Assassins," "Dr. Gero," "Invasion" and "Invincible," have been delayed to a currently undetermined release date. The DVD's will retail for $24.95.

Also confirmed, the Frieza and Garlic Jr. story arcs will be coming to DVD in the not too distant future. While no release dates are specified, FUNimation has provided retailers with UPC codes for tehse DVDs.

FUNimation has also announced a new round of Dragon Ball Z VHS releases, bringing us up to approximately 75 tapes of Dragon Ball Z either available now or scheduled for impending American release. As was done with the conclusion of the Frieza saga and the Garlic Jr. saga, the new round of 6 Dragon Ball Z TV episode tapes continues the Cell Game story arc and introduces the final boudokai tournament that kicks off the Majin Buu saga. The releases will alternate months and skip over the conclusion of the Cell saga. Perfect Cell: "Temptation" and "Perfection" are scheduled for release on April 17th. One month later, the conclusion to the Great Saiya Man and the beginning of the Boudokai tournament will be released on May 15th as "Great Saiya Man: Crash Course," and "World Tournament: Junior Division." More of the Cell saga will be released on June 19th as "Cell Games: Ultimatum" and "Perfect Cell: Unstoppable." FUNimation has not yet announced a home video release for the ending of the Cell saga, but we assume that the episodes skipped over by these just announced tapes will be forthcoming later this year.

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