YTV Broadcasts the first episode of Escaflowne

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Following their broadcast of the last episode of Escaflowne, Canadian broadcaster YTV has aired the original first episode of Escaflowne, "Fateful Confession."

Originally there were rumours that Fox would have inserted Fateful Confession into the series at some later point. However, because of Foxe's discontinuation of Escaflowne, we can only guess as to whether this is the result of their edits, or YTV's own actions.

In the past YTV has always broadcasted cartoons and Anime in the exact format that they were provided, therefore it is possible that Fox's version of Escaflwone included Fateful Confession as a final, flashback episode.

Whatever the case, despite being re-introduced into the series, the first episode did not escape the editors (more reason to think that it was provided this way by Fox).

Some edits made: (Thanks to Wayne-Michael Lee for this info)

-Scene where the Land Dragon hits Van with its tail and Van coughs up blood (oddly enough when Van gets up there is clearly a puddle of blood on the ground)
-What was kept in though, and I found weird was when Hitomi has the vision of Van getting impaled with the dragon's tail.
-Hitomi slapping Van was edited (they can show people getting impaled but they can't show a slap)
-The scene where Van slices the Land Dragon with green blood coming out of it like a geyser is not cut.

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