UMJAMS Anime News Site down...

posted on 2001-03-02 22:35 EST
Fellow anime news site, UMJAMS, has been down since about 3pm today.

In an e-mail to the UMJAMS Anime News Mailing List, Scott Green (UMJAMS Anime News maintainer) writes:

"Yesterday, some time after 3:00pm the file permissions on the UMJAMS web site where altered such that the page cannot be viewed, or edited. I did not make any change that would cause this, I don't believe that person who maintains information about the UMJAMS information caused it, and I don't think that the third person who was given access to the site has ever exercised that access. The problem do not appear to me like the site was hacked. Barring some sort of technical problem that effected the UMJAMS site, and not other UMASS RSOs, the only explination I can think of is that someone at UMass shut down the site.

Umass has neither removed the UMJAMS account, or sent an e-mail to myself, the site official maintainer in the UMJAMS organization, or the UMJAMS e-mail address stating that the site was to be disabled.

I have directed the official maintainer, who is still a student at Umass to the person to talk to, that will hopefully provide some answers. I assume that they were not able to hook up today. The earliest an answer can be expected is Monday. Until things are straightened out, I will post news updates on this mailing list.

The UMJAMS Anime News mailing list will contain Scott Green's updates until the UMJAMS website returns.

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