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Irwin Toys, Licence holder for Dragonball Z Acrion figures, sold to Canadian Investment group

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On march 6th, exactly one week after we first posted News about the possibility, Irwin has announced that they have been bought out by another company. Original speculation was that Irwin would be bought by another major North American toy company, however it turns out the Irwin has been purchased by Canadian Investment company, Livgroup Investment Ltd.

Livgroup paid US$55 million inorder to aquire 100% ownership in Irwin. Livgroup is privately owned by Richard Ivey and consumer products specialist Jean-René Halde. Mr. Halde, who will become the new CEO of Irwin, stated that he likes how Irwin has evolved over teh past decade, "from being a distributor of products in Canada to today being a manufacturer of exclusive products."

George Irwin, former President and CEO of Irwin, resigned from the company on February 27th, one day before rumours of a possible sale of Irwin first appeared. S. Macdonald Irwin, who temporarily replaced George Irwin as president of the company, stated "Irwin Toy is stronger today than at any point in the Company's 75-year history."

What changes, if any, Mr. Halde has in mind for the Toy company is currently unknown, however it can be safely assumed that no changes will be made to Irwins very profitable line of Dragonball toys.

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