Cartoon Network Officially Announces Toonami Reactor

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Three month only test, may become permanent, confirms High Speed only rumor

The following PR was sent from Cartoon Network, by email, directly to fans on their mailing list. The PR confirms that Toonami Reactor is a 3 month test project which may become permanent and that while it is accessible to anyone it remains geared to visitors with high speed internet connections.

This is an official announcement to all Toonami fans from Cartoon Network!

We are preparing to launch a fully functional animation website devoted totally to anime for a three month experiment ONLY! WE NEED YOUR HELP to prove to everyone it can be a success so that it will be brought back PERMANENTLY with more episodes and more features! The Toonami Reactor will go live Monday, March 26 at A preview is available at this URL now.

Help us prove full animation and anime has a place on the web by making this three month experiment a hit! Post this announcement anywhere where people would be interested and tell all the fans to check it out starting Monday!

We welcome your feedback at [email protected] officially announces the construction of the Reactor. Enter the Reactor and prepare to experience Toonami in a whole new way. Created to provide an exceptional experience on your broadband (high-speed) connection, Toonami Reactor offers the best action animation on the Web. Inside the Reactor you'll discover exclusive games, character profiles and reviews. Watch your favorite shows. Answer mind-bending trivia questions. See your opinions transmitted alongside your favorite episodes. Who knows? Maybe you'll even battle Frieza for the future of Planet Namek. With Reactor you'll play four new games, uncover classified information from the editors of Animerica Magazine, watch 40 episodes of Dragon Ball Z (the Frieza Saga) and 26 episodes of the anime masterpiece Star Blazers. And that's only the beginning. If you like what you see, tell us. You can help make Reactor a permanent addition to the Toonami universe.

Reactor goes live for three months starting March 26, 2001.

Reactor...Toonami to the core.

Click here for a preview of the Reactor

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