More Details on Bandai's change of DVD replicators

posted on 2001-03-22 20:14 EST
Jerry Chu contacted us with some more details about Bandai's change of DVD replicators. According to Jerry the change of replicators was brought on because their old replicator, Cinram, closed their local plant.

When asked about the problems people were having with certain DVDs, the response was that these were player issues, "Manufacturers of DVD players do not necessarily adhere to a specific guideline. (Whether it be processing the data, etc.) So when an incompatibility issue pops up, we recommend consumers to try the DVD on another player." Regarding Cinram, "We are satisfied with the level of work Cinram has produced in the past. However, we did not want to move our replication, halfway across the country."

Nonetheless, many owners of certain DVD players, which may or may not be up to spec, look forward to the new replicators in hopes that there will be fewer compatibility problems.

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