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Daizenshuu EX and other eFront/Anime Network Sites down

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Daizenshuu EX main page available at a temporary location.

VegettoEX of Daizenshuu EX has just written us to inform us that his site as well as many others hosted on eFront are no longer available.

Today it was announced that as of April 5th at midnight PST, all sites hosted on eFront will be gone. At this point, my own site ("Daizenshuu EX") and other sites hosted by Anime Network ("Temple o' Trunks," included) are already gone from browsers (we are in the process of downloading as much as we can from our FTP before it's gone to back things up).

I want to stress that both "Daizenshuu EX" and "Temple o' Trunks" will return in full-force in the near future.

Right now, I'm keeping our main page up on my old AOL URL from "VegettoEX's Home Page" (http://members.aol.com/VegettoEX).

Despite the fact that our regular URL is gone forever, we're breaking the latest news concerning "DragonBall," and the fact that FUNimation Productions, Inc. will be using the original Japanese score in their English dub of the original "DragonBall" TV series, which will begin this June on Cartoon Network.

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