Irwin *doesn't* Cancel Dragonball Z toys

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Ha ha. We goofed. This news (which was passed to us just today) is indeed an April Fools Joke. Oops. ^^;

(ED's Note: This article *is* indeed a joke. Sorry, it was believed to be a legitimate article. We know the truth now, don't we? ^^;;)

Referrer: DBZ Kingdom

In a surprising move Jean-Reni Halde, the new CEO if Irwin toys has announced the end of the Dragonball Z line of toys. As of April 1, 2001 Irwin will be putting a cease to the production of all projected Dragonball Z toy lines. According to Mr Halde, "There was too much pressure from classic toy enthusiasts for us to return to our roots." He continued to state that Irwin doesn't see it "as the end of Dragonball Z toys, but a simple return to classic toys such as Slinky and [the game] Jenga." Halde went on to say that all planned toys would not make it to retail. "Our Dragonball Z figures from series 4 on will not see store shelves. We wish to start our new business plan as soon as possible." Halde said.

Halde took over the position of CEO of Irwin on March 6th 2001, when his investment company bought Irwin. At the time it was expected that the move would have no effect of the successful line of DBZ toys.

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