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posted on to hold contests, interviews, and articles about the hit Bandai series "Cowboy Bebop"

LOS ANGELES, CA- Hi Amigos! How 'yall doin'. Akadot
( will be launching a three week long homage to Cowboy Bebop on April 16 featuring a Bebop roundtable starring the American voice cast, exclusive articles on the Bebop experience and three special Bebop contests. Shucks, howdy.

There will be one contest in each of the three weeks that will focus on one aspect of Cowboy Bebop - the acting, the music, the art, the genre.

The prize for the first contest is a Cowboy Bebop Session 6th DVD (featuring the final four episodes, the conclusion to the epic; courtesy of Bandai Entertainment - signed by the American voice cast, director and writer.

The prize for the second week's contest is a Cowboy Bebop soundtrack (CD format; courtesy of - signed by composer Yoko Kanno, whose last rare appearance in the United States was two years ago at Anime Expo.

The third and final contest's prize is a Cowboy Bebop Artbook (also courtesy of - signed by Bebop's character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, director Shinichiro Watanabe and screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto. (Very rare signatures, since some of these people have never been to any US conventions at all!)

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The first contest will start on April 16, the second will begin April 23 and the final will begin April 30. Each will last only one week and contest details will be posted on the respective launch dates listed above.

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...See you space cowboy.

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