Mecha Propulsion Systems Update: Seeking Coders

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MPS is seeking talented asm/C/C++ programmers with strong robotics, hardware, and spatial interpretation skills.

Los Angeles, Ca - 25 April 2001 - Mechanized Propulsion Systems

For Immediate Release:

With the advent of Mechanized Propulsion Systems (MPS) garnering a complex for construction of our MPS Mark-I Test and Prototype (frame 003 and beyond) models: the Mecha Construction Facility 1 (MCF-1), we are now concentrating on developing the conjunctive systems that will bring the Mecha to life.

Currently we are broadcasting a call to arms for the programming community to assist us in our endeavor of 'Creating the World's First Mecha' and truly Bringing Anime to Life.

The type of coding we are primarily looking for is lower level assembly or C/C++ programming concentrating on either analog-to-digital conversion hardware interpretation and interaction or SCSI/parallel/serial interpretation and interaction.

We are also looking to augment our existing code base for use with interpretation and manipulation of a model in 3d space. This would consist of a digital representation of the Mecha to assist the pilot in his duties in the cockpit, and primarily focuses on displaying and presenting the changes to the system. Specifically any corrections it needs to make to balance its intended motion to that of the end result in the outside world. This information will be collected by the system and fed to the visual component for interpretation.

We would like to develop and extensible Piloting Control Interface (PCI) that allows for a super scalar (simultaneous) interaction between several different interface points. This would receive and interpret pilot induced input as well as choreograph motions to the system at large, taking advantage of existing industrial control mechanisms and associated technologies.

In addition, we would like to see a pseudo-programming language that is designed to allow for easily created and simple to change sequences to initiate the more complex and underlying functions of the Mecha. Essentially, we would like to develop a language not dissimilar to PERL or LISP that can function as an overlapping layer to simplify changes, per pilot customizations, and additions to the Piloting Control Interface.

For additional information, please visit the MPS website.

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