Original Dragon Ball Opening/Ending Explained

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Mike LaBrie, maintainer of Daizenshuu EX has sent in some information concerning why Funimation re-scored the original Japanese opening, rather than use the original background..

Excerpted from the Daizenshuu EX website:
"Following in the tradition of dubbed series like "Rurouni Kenshin," the opening and ending theme to "DragonBall" are the original Japanese songs, re-scored and sung in English. Some may ask, "Why wasn't an instrumental of the original Japanese version used, and vocals placed over that?" Simple, my good otaku. No actual instrumentals of these songs exist. There are instrumental-type versions on a few CDs, but they have extra instruments playing the melody in them, so they are not true instrumentals. However, rather than make a ridiculous new dub opening for the show (a la DBZ), FUNimation continues to press forward in their goal to be considered a real anime company; "Makafushigi Adventure" and the closing theme, "Romantic Ageru Yo," are in the videos, and will be there with the original Japanese score throughout the entire series.

Also, there's a good chance we will see "Makafushigi Adventure" played on Cartoon Network, as seen by the dub opening for "Cardcaptors" being played, as well (Toonami has a history of not showing opening themes for its programs).

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