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Corrections to the Opening Ceremonies, Newtype and Synch-Point articles.

In our original articles a few mistakes slipped past us, we apologize for the errors and they have been corrected in the original articles as well as posted here.

Re: Newtype / Digital Manga

Digital Manga's President/CEO's name is Hikaru Sasahara.

Re: Synch-Point

Stephanie's full name is Stephanie Sheh. She worked on the Tenshi ni Narumon English script and also adapted the lyrics to English. In addition, 'Ms. Diane Kole' it should have been Ms. Diana Kou.

Re: Opening Ceremonies

Pioneer Entertainment and Banzai Anime not Bandai, were the companies that made significant merchandise donations to City of Hope following last year's Anime Expo.

Thank you to Ardith Santiago of Digital Manga and Adam Arnold of Animefringe for some of these corrections.

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