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Cancadian broadcaster YTV has responded to questions about Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT on their station. The short answer: No GT, no original Dragonball, and more DBZ repeats.

Source: Sam of Saiyanz Rage

Excerpt from YTV FAQ:
At this time we are in repeats for DBZ until the end of the summer. As you may know we only hold the rights to air up to episode 167 and although we have aired all of the episodes that we hold the rights to, we will repeat them again. It looks as though we will have new episodes in the Fall, although at this time we do not know when.

Our Fall schedule launches on September 10th 2001. DBZ will air Monday to Thursday at 8pm E/P.

As of April 23, 2001 DBZ now airs Monday to Thursday at 8pm E/P and Monday to Thursday at 4:00am E/P. Please note that due to contractual limitations, the DBZ episodes airing Monday to Thursday at 4:00am E/P will now be repeats of the episode that aired earlier that same day. With this said, please remember that all schedules are subject to change without notice.

We hope that you can understand that it is not always possible for a network to continuously have new episodes of a program available for broadcast. YTV cannot simply purchase episodes and start showing them immediately. YTV has the rights to air up to episode 167 of DBZ. We hope you can understand that since we do not produce this series we need to hold a contract in order to air it and our current contract only enables us to air up to episode 167. At this time we do not have a contract to finish this saga or move on to the next one. We are sorry if this is disappointing for you.

What about the Original DragonBall and other series?
Well, Drago nBall is no longer part of our schedule because our contract for those episodes has expired.

Also at this time we have no plans to air any of the other DBZ series such as GT, and we currently to not have plans to air any of the DBZ movies. We hope you can respect that although we do strive to keep all of our viewers happy, as a national network, it is quite a difficult task.

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