AWA7 and NDK2k1 to continue as planned

posted on 2001-09-12 18:20 EDT
Anime News Network has heard from representatives of both Anime Weekend Atlanta and Nan Desu Kan. Both conventions will continue run as scheduled, September 21st through September 23rd.

Additionally Rebecca Norman, director of Nan Desu Kan, wrote the following:

We are all still in a state of shock here, and still reaching out to make certain our friends and family are ok. Unfortunately, I have to make a post that has to do with business. Since our convention is scheduled for next weekend, we have had numerous inquiries regarding whether the show will be postponed or cancelled. It seems frivolous in the current situation, but I must issue a statement to address the concerns of those involved with NDK.


In Memory and Freedom 9-11-2001

It's hard to know where to start. I have so many thoughts over the past two days, and we are grieving with the nation for the tragic loss of so many lives yesterday. We mourn for the lives lost, and could not respect more the heroes of our country, our civil authorities who put their lives on the line every day for us and even more so in terrible times.

Today the first leaves fell from the first cool breath of Autumn. Today, I look at the billowy shapes of trees and see billowing clouds of dust instead. As a nation, our minds and hearts are far older today than they were on Sunday.

Someone asked me yesterday whether we will cancel the convention. The answer is no. Against so massive a tragedy, my daily worries about keeping things running and making the convention happen are small and trivial. But in another sense, they are directly relevant. The convention stands for a number of things that terrorists would love to crush: Freedom, for one, the ability to learn, to hear, be, do and see things that are new and wondrous; Safety, for another, a place we strive to make that is a good and safe place for young people to reach out and reach toward their potential; and Friendship, in a place where we believe that every individual who tries to build a bridge to another in this world makes a difference.

Terrorists have ripped away thousands of lives dear to us as a nation and to many as friends, loves, family. When I think of it, I do not wish to give up my own life. But if I had to give it up for any one principle, Freedom would be among the first for which that sacrifice would be worthy. Friendship would be a close second.

Right now, there are a lot of things we're not sure of about the convention, but a few on which we can tell you what's happening.

- All of our guests are ok. No staff, guests, dealers, or friends that we know of were lost in the tragedy.

- We do not currently know whether our international guests will be allowed to fly to the States for the convention. We should know more about this as the week goes on and the airline authorities update their plans regarding national and international travel.

- We expect that travel within the country should be fine by next week, although under much more stringent security. We would recommend bringing two forms of photo ID to the airport for those who are flying - if you do not have two forms of photo ID, at least one photo ID and backup of another kind. You already know not to bring anything bizarre on a flight, but we would reiterate that it would be doubly unwise at this time. We believe there is good reason to think that flights next week will be safe, as security will be vastly higher for some time to come. Airlines currently have plans to increase all checkin security as well as having plainclothes security agents on every flight. Do plan for the possibility of airline delays in some flights as well as security checkpoint delays; if you are uncertain whether this will disrupt your schedule, you may wish to consider alternate transportation means.

- We have some convention staff who are military and may still be on required active duty next week. This will leave us a little short in some areas. We will possibly have to adjust the schedule to compensate. Again, we will know more by the end of the week.

- The hotel space is fine - they had to use all the hotels in the area this week to cover the needs of stranded travelers, but the travelers should be able to continue to their destinations in the next couple of days. Current hopes are that DIA will be up and running again by the end of the day today (Tuesday), and all travellers will be sent out on the first available flight on any airline going to their destination. We will have no difficulties with hotel event or sleeping room spaces.

- Our out of state staff are assured that airline travel will be safe, albeit with a lot of extra security hoops to jump through, and are planning to fly in with no difficulties, so our Registration, Dealers, and Press areas which are dependent on these staff members will be fully operational.

We are not certain at all what will happen to our attendance statistics. We are concerned about whether we will make it through the year in good shape, so we hope for your support as attendees to make this the best year possible under the circumstances so we can do it again next year. We are counting on you, and we want you to know that you can absolutely count on us. We are a strong people. Spend this week holding your family and loved ones close to you. Next weekend we will be here with open arms, and hope you will be able to join us.

God bless America.

Your NDK Director,
Rebecca Norman

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