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posted on by Scott Green
Information on the uncut Kit, Level C, Madonna, and Cleopatra DC

Media Blasters has announced that the complete DVD versions of the action OAV series Cleopatra DC and the high-shcool comedy Madonna will both be released on January 29th for $24.95 and $29.95 respectively. Both DVDs will be subtitled only. A subtitled only live-action DVD titled simply "Cosplay" (the term used to describe people dressed as anime characters, usually at conventions)will also debut on the 29th for $29.95.

Yaoi (homosexual male romance) fans will look forward to the American debut of the Level C OAV. The 35 minute OAV will be released on subtitled only DVD for $24.95 on the 29th.

The Kite "Director's Cut" will premier on bilingual DVD on the 29th at $29.95. This adults-only version of Kite restores the original Japanese scene sequence that was altered for the all-audiences American version, and restores nearly all of the sex from the Japanese version.

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