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February Manga Releases

posted on by Scott Green
The highlights of February manga releases include the final volume of Akira, and the first volume of the classic Astro Boy from Dark Horse, TOKYOPOP will be releasing the first two volumes of the four volume Cowboy Bebop manga series, and the first issue of the Ragnorok mini-series, and and Viz will starting releasing The Big O manga series.

February Manga Releases

The highlights of February manga releases include the final volume of Akira, and the first volume of the classic Astro Boy from Dark Horse, TOKYOPOP will be releasing the first two volumes of the four volume Cowboy Bebop manga series, and the first issue of the Ragnorok mini-series, and and Viz will starting releasing the Big O manga series..

Dark Horse
Dark will be be release the trade paperback 3x3 Eyes: Blood of the Secred Demon, a collection of the series from uper Manga Blast! #8-11. The zombie teenager Yakumo has been searching for Pai, the girl he loves, for years. When he finds her, she's in big trouble. The amnesiac Pai has forgotten all about her inhuman heritage and mystical powers, and an evil group of supernatural Puppet People are on the hunt for her.

The sixth and final volume of Akira will weigh in at 440 pages, and retail for $29.95. Volumes 1 through 3 will be re-released.

Dark Horse will start releasing Osamu Tezuka's classis Astro Boy series in the same format as Lone Wolf and Cub. The 244 page, 7" x 4 1/2 collection woll retail for $9.95.

Lone Wolf and Cub volume 19 Moon in Our Hearts features the journey of Itto Ogami and Daigoro, the assassins and his son to Edo in order to face Retsudo, and the Yagyu clan, who betrayal started Itto on the path of the assassin. On their way the father and son face bounty hunters, the nation's most accomplished rifleman, and cannon-laden man of war. Volumes 1 through 12 will be re-released.

Oh My Goddess: Childhood's End collectes six issues of Oh My Goddess! Part VIII "Skuld, the youngest of the three goddesses living with college student Keiichi, may be a whiz at inventions, but her immaturity usually gets the better of her. Can she learn the simple joy of riding a bicycle and deal with her first crush on a boy? Campus queen Sayoko doesn't believe in goddesses, but when she's possessed by a demon, Belldandy and Urd have to convince her they have powers without blowing their secret. "

Individual issues shipping including:
Blade of the Immortal 65, Skin 2 of 2, looks at Rins decision on how to proceed in finding the renegade swordman who killed her parents. The cover features a great colored picture of the wild haired swordsman Magatsu, a fan favorite who not graced many covers.

Cannon God Exaxxion: Stage 1 4 of 8 continues Kenici Sonada's sci-fi tale. Aliens colonize Earth using nanotechnology and a giant robot. Worse yet, the only hope for Earth's survival is a teen boy with an attitude and his mad-scientist grandfather.

Oh My Goddess Part XI 6, Mystery Child part 4 of 8.

Manga anthology Super Manga Blast #19 features new entries in Seraphic Feather, Club 9, Shadow Star, 3x3 Eyes, and What's Michael.

Usagai Yojimbo 55 is not quit a manga series, but covers subject matter that should interest manga fans. Lord Yoshikawa is dying, and his final wish is to be reunited with his son Rokuo, a young samurai forced into hiding after killing the son of Lord Hojo in a duel. Unfortunately, Hojo's retainers are also searching for Rokuo. It's up to Usagi to find him, race him through a gauntlet of swords, and get him to Lord Yoshikawa's side before the old man draws his final breath. 24 pp.

ComicsOne.com will be releasing more trade paper collection of manga including:

Redmoon (tpb) 6 "Sadad is a trained fighter and highly educated. After spending great amounts of time in the computer library researching the prophecy, he meets the scholar Kasham, who will change his life forever by showing him the truth of his past."

Storm Riders (tpb) 3 "Finally, Conquer seizes Mud Buddha. Mud Buddha tells him that Cloud and Wind will become a threat to his future. To prevent Cloud and Wind from taking over his power, Conquer starts spreading rumors to split them up.

Wild 7 (tpb) 3 and Wounded Man (tpb) 6

They will be re-releasing:
Goku: Midnight Eye 1, a cyberpunk version of the Journey to the West, the legend behind many series including Dragon Ball.

Joan 1, the tale of a girl who assumes the role of a boy and follows Joan of Arc's example in uniting France under the divine rule of the King,

Offered 1, the story of a young genius, and athletic star who is kidnapped and forced into a quest to become the modern-day Gilgamesh.

Sarai volume 1 #4

Weed volume 1 "Weed is a courageous little dog who believes he is the son of the legendary Boss Dog, Ginga. After his mother dies, Weed begins an adventurous journey to find his father in the Okubo Mountains."

Central Park Manga:
Central Park Manga will be releasing the first issue of a new shoujo (girl's) series, Let's Stay Together Forever by Tomoko Taniguchi. "A young high school girl, shy and lovely, falls for the glittery, glamorous rock-and-roll type boy. Will she be able to overcome her shyness and talk to him?"

The eighth and final issue of Astra features Astra and her hero Yosuke are finally going to get some revenge on the evil Ministry henchmen, and Astra will end her quest successfully, with Yosuke's help.

Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight book 2 features Spark and his comrdes' battle against the Dark Elf, and search for new allies.

Indiviual issues being released include Geobreeders 36, Lodoss War Deedlits Tale 7, Lodoss War: Chronicles Heroic Knight 18 and Slayers Super-Explosive Demon Story 5.

They will be re-releasing volume 3 of Kia Asamiya's Dark Angel. "he beautiful Leen has undertaken a quest to recover the golden orb that was the rightful possession of her ancestors of the House of the Blue Dragon. But the gorgeous and deadly Nie, the Black Dragon, was secretly consumed with jealousy when Leen became Phantom Saint, and has conspired to murder Leen and take her kingdom. Asamiya brings in fascinating characters from Greek mythology, including and evil shifting-goddess who nearly defeats Leen and her friends."

Studio IronCat will be releasing Futaba-Kun Change Vol. 8 1."It seems that all Futaba's personal woes have finally caught up with him at school. His grades are slipping and there are still the growing difficulties of his complicated love life." and Vampire Yui Vol. 4 1 "Nagi and Shiki have finally determined that Yui's been sent to the human world. However, before they can leave the spirit realm to locate their little vampires, Shiki and his forces appear."

In Cardcaptor Sakura 25 despite being warned that she could become lost in the void of the Clow Card Dark forever, Sakura attempts to seal the card while lost in its endless night.

In February TOKYOPOP will be releasing issues 1 and 2 of the four issues Cowboy Bebop mini series by Yukata Nanten. Issues 1 is described as "Whenever Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, and Faye Valentine get together, trouble is sure to follow. But what's 5 million woolongs between friends, right? A lot. When the three unexpectedly meet at a restaurant, each chasing after a different bounty, the egos and bullets start flying. Printed in the original right-to-left format, the way the creator intended it." Issues 2 is described as " When Jet Black finds a bounty of 30 billion woolongs on a man named Cidne, he thinks it's strange that Cidne's been put in jail for shoplifting. But what's even stranger is Cidne changes his appearance more times than Madonna changes outfits."

TOKYOPOP will also be releasing Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide 1, featuring character bios, technical guides, behind-the-scenes photos, and story details, this is a guide that no fan should be without. Covers the episodes Asteroid Blues, Stray Dog Strut, Honky Tonk Women, Gateway Shuffle, and Ballad of Fallen Angels.

Kodocha 2 "Sana gets a part in a TV movie, costarring with a hot new actress, but she'll never get to the studio if she can't survive the bullies at school." Printed in the original right-to-left format.

Marmalade Boy 3 of 5 " There's a crisis in Miki's house. It's only been a month since Miki's and Yuu's parents switched partners, now they're saying they're ready to call it quits and go back to their old marriages."

In Ragnarok 1 "The winds of change are blowing in Midgard. After a 1,000-year slumber, Fenris the wolf has been reincarnated in the body of a beautiful sorceress. As Fenris searches the land for the reincarnation of the god Balder, Sara Irene, leader of the fearsome Valkyries, hunts her."

Other individual issues being released include Dragon Knights 5 of 6, Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists 5 of 5 , Miracle Girls 17, Saint Tail 16 and Skull Man 4.

Collections being released include Harlem Beat Vol. 9 Pocket Mixx, Island Vol. 2 Pocket Mixx, Juline Vol. 3 Pocket Mixx Manga (tpb), Parasyte Vol. 9 Pocket Mixx, Sorcerer Hunters Vol. 8 Pocket Mixx.

Shoujo manga anthology Smile volume 4 #3 features new entries in Mars, Peach Girl, Planet Ladder, and Paradise Kiss.

Viz Communications

Viz will be releasing the delayed Anime Art Gallery: Art of Ceres Celestial Legend, feauring art by Yû Watase.Includes detailed charts on every relationship (and love triangle) within this storyline.

Manga anthology Animerica Extra Vol. 5 #3 features new entries in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Steam Detectives, Video Girl Ai, and Marionette Generation, with a special Utena short story.

Mature manga anthology Pulp volume 6 #3 "Includes an interview with Dance Till Tomorrow's Naoki Yamamoto. Bakune Young. It takes a big man like Bakune to possess an even bigger man like Purima - but that's what it's going to take to break Bakune's comatose mass out of the Osaka Police Hospital. Banana Fish. Ash abandons his preppie disguise and descends back into the New York underworld on a train to Times Square and 42nd. Cinderalla. Cinderalla always believed that some day her Prince would come; but she didn't expect him to plummet onto her during his long-awaited stage show. Dance Till Tomorrow. Aya and Suekichi play underwater rhymes in his new pad, while Aya's ex-husband Munakata stalks the lovers. Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga. The Professor dares to suggest that anime characters look alike. Short Cuts. What's more bizarre: a Tokyo girl in an Egyptian middle kingdom dress or a Tokyo boy in a waistcoat and plus-fours? Uzumaki. In the wake of the second hurricane, a battered Kurôzu-Cho has become cut off from the outside world, and when a TV news reporter drives into the disaster site, what she discovers may make her wish she had never come."

Bastard!! 3 of 3 Out of the shadows steps the first of the bastard's four former allies, Ninja Master Gara, the commander of an army of hidden warriors. He kidnaps Tia Noto Yoko, thus eliminating the one person who can bring the power of Dark Schneider from 14-year-old Lucien's body.

Big O Part 1 1 of 5 Paradigm City is the city of amnesia, 40 years ago, something happened that wiped out the memories of the residents, forcing them to recreate their culture from scattered fragments. Roger Smith is a negotiator, a go-between for police, citizens and criminals in high-risk diplomatic situations. But something else survives from the forgotten past. They are the MegaDeus, giant robots created by the city's former inhabitants, or perhaps by the forgetful citizens themselves. When crime and madness strike, Roger Smith brings the guilty to justice with the giant robot called The Big O.

Other invidual issues include Ceres Celestial Legend Part 2 3, Dragon Ball Z Part 5 2 of 12, Ceres Celestial Legend Part 2 3, Inu-Yasha Part 6 10, Magical Pokemon Journey Part 6 4, No Need for Tenchi! Part 12 6, Pokemon Adventures Part 6 3 and Ranma 1/2 Part 10 11, Silent Mobius Turnabout 2 and Vagabond Part 1 4.

Collections include:
Aqua Knight Vol. 3 Mad scientist Alcantara reaches his destination at last, only to find Aqua Knight Ruliya, who demands a duel to free young Ashika from Alcantara's clutches. But Alcantara is no mere villain.

Fushigi Yugi Vol. 6: Summoner "Distraught over the apparent loss of Tamahome and the trouble she's caused Suzaku's warriors, Miaka attempts to drown herself only to have Hotohori come to her rescue. Meanwhile, Tamahome returns to Hong-Nan to complete his original mission, kill the priestess of Suzaku."

Marionette Generation Vol. 2 "One morning, illustrator Izumi Morino awakens to find himself in bed with a curious rag doll named Lunch who has special powers. Is she really alive, or just a schism of space/time? The mystery behind the origin of Lunch and her powers keep Izumi awake all night."

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Vol. 3 "In the future, overpopulation drives the inhabitants of Earth to live in colonies in outer space. But when the Duchy of Zeon, a militant colonial group, declares independence from Earth, war breaks out with Zeon's army of Zaku mobile suits, until Amuro Ray, a young electronics wizard, inherits his father's top-secret invention, Mobile Suit Gundam. No longer able to handle the pressure of piloting the Gundam prototype, Amuro deserts the White Base and sets out on his own."

Ranma 1/2 Vol. 19 "Ranma and Genma are fighting about food (again), but this time it gets serious when Genma kicks Ranma out of the house. Then, Sakura-mochi has the power to indicate the true love of the maker of this sweet, and Akane's cooked up a batch."

Video Girl Ai Vol. 4: Offline "Ai is back but she doesn't remember Yota. Thinking that Ai is gone forever, Yota turns his attentions to a freshman named Nobuko, who decides to spend the night. Ai wants to believe that she's human but finds it difficult once she learns the true nature of her existence."

Volumes 1 to 9 of Battle Angel Alita will be re-released, as will Fushigi Yugi Vol. 5 Rival, Neon Genesis Evangelion Book 5 Collection ed. and No Need for Tenchi Vol. 10 Mother Planet.

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