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According to the Studio Proteus' website, manga translators who do the material release by Dark Horse Comics, Masamune Shirow is over 180 pages into 180 pages into his work on flopping and modifying the pages of Man-Machine Interface for the Western audience.

"Be prepared for some surprising decisions on his part, and many subtle changes! It's kind of fun looking for them, actually. He's being assisted by the finest Photoshop artist we've ever met, Mr. Tanaka. His work is flawless! Toren's at work on the translation for the first issue now, a long 36 page one. No release schedule yet, but as Shirow is moving so quickly, next summer/fall is not unlikely. ID3 is in the planning stages and we discussed some options as to format, plus a special limited edition."

Japanese is read right to left, so manga panels are arranged in right to left arrangement, and the action in an image flows left to right. Many translated manga releases simply mirror the images. Other manga releases, such as the Dragon Ball graphic novels do not modify the presentation. Hiroaki Samura worked with the translation of Blade of the Immortal to rearrange panels rather than mirror the image, and touching up the work when necessary.

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