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posted on by George Phillips
AnimationHQ will be hosting an online chat with Voice Actor Brett Weaver, January 6th..

On January 6th at 8pm EST (5pm PST) AnimationHQ will be hosting an online chat with Brett Weaver.

The chat will be held on channel #AnimationHQ on the DigitalIRC Network.

Don't know how to get there? AHQ has provided instructions for users with an IRC Client:
1. In your IRC client (such as mIRC) join the server, port 6667
2. Join the channel, #AnimationHQ
3. Observe all common and accepted etiquette just like normal IRC.
4. Enjoy the chat!

And, for those with a Java-enabled browser:
1. In a Java enabled browser, surf to
2. Choose the JAVA IRC link at the top right of the screen
3. Grant permission to the JPilot applet to load.
4. Fill in your information, making sure to choose AnimationHQ from the drop down menu next to channel.
5. Observe and follow all common and accepted etiquette of IRC like normal.
6. Enjoy the chat!

Check out AnimationHQ's event page for more information!

Brett's list of voices include Gai Daigoji from Martian Successor Nadesico, Carrot Glace in Sorceror Hunters and Nabeshin from ADV's upcoming release of Excel Saga.

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