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Nelvana Aquires Beyblade

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Nelvana has aquired TV, Game and Toy rights to the Beyblade TV series

Nelvana has aquired the rights to yet another Anime TV show aimed at the 6 - 11 year old male demographic. The series in question is Beyblade, known as "Bakuten!! Shoot - Beyblade" (Explosive Spinning Shot - Beyblade) in Japan.

The 51 episode TV series, directed by Toshifumi Kawase, first aired on TV Tokyo in January of last year. The series is based on a Manga by Takao Aoki and features toy, collectible card game and video game spinoffs. The story follows an international cast of young heroes on a globetrotting quest to collect the Beyblades and compete in Beyblade competitions. Beyblades are essentially spinning tops that compete in arenas, the Beyblade to spin teh longest without being knocked out of the ring wins. The story has it that each Beyblade has itw own magical spirit that resides inside the spinning top.

Nelvana has aquired the rights to import the for television distribution, video and DVD manufacturing and distribution, merchandising and publishing rights, while acting as an exclusive agent for the importation and distribution of toys by Takara and Hasbro.

Nelvana has not yet launched a Beyblade section on their website, however their complete Beyblade press release can be read here.

Hasbro has launched a preliminary website for the toys at www.beyblade.com. The website inclides a promotional video that displays the Beyblades in action. Beyblade toys were voted the number one toy at the 2001 World Hobby Fair in Tokyo.

Nelvana's exclusive rights to Beyblade are not limited to North America, they include South America, most of Europe (excluding Italy, Greece, Turkey and Arabic speaking countries) and Oceania.

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