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Berserk, Steam Detectives and giant robots.

oyCom has a three pack of PVC action figures based on the anime / manga Steam Detectives by Kia Asamiya for $14.99. The figures can be seen here. Toyom's Berserk two pack of Griffith and Caska, which will retail for $29.99 can be seen here. Their 10 inch cold cast resign statue of Guts can be seen here.

Yujin's Master Action line continues with three hot new Super Robot action figures, all available through Diamond Comic Distributors.

The first two figures depict a pair of the massive transforming/combining robots from the super robot-satire anime, GaoGaiGar, adding to the property's impressive line of models, costumes, and OVA's. First is the mecha GaoGaiGar, which comes with three pairs of variant hands, Dividing Driver, Zonder Core, and Perfect Shade accessories. Plus the robot can be changed to "Heaven" or "Hell" modes. As the storyline progresses, the focus shifts to the second robot offered, GaoFaiGar, which comes with three variant hands, Dividing Driver, variant chest plating, and more! Standing 5" tall and featuring durable PVC construction, these GaoGaiGar figures are articulated for maximum poseability and play value!

re is the mecha from the hit 2001 OAV, Mazinkaiser. The newest incarnation of Go Nagai's Super Robot icon Mazinger stands 8" tall, features durable PVC construction, and is fully articulated for a multitude of action poses. Included with the figure are removable wings, a massive sword, and the Jet Scrander brain ship.

All of these figures are scheduled to ship in March 2002 and can be seen here

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