Anime based RPG to be launched at Akon

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Mojoko to be released by Maximum CNG at June convention in Dallas

Maximum CNG, a publishing house for tabletop adventure games and comics, has announced that they will be releasing Majoko (Witchgirl - In Japanese Ma = Magic, Jo = Girl, Ko = Child), an Anime inspired Role Playing Game, at Project Akon in June.

Excerpts from Press Release:

Maximum CNG has experienced success with its first published role playing game, Nemesis: A Perfect World. Nemesis: APW is set in the slightly modern future in a world where super powers and supernatural exist side by side with normal people.

Now, Maximum CNG is announcing their next role-playing game, Majoko (Witchgirls). Majoko is being developed for an all-ages audience and is designed to tap into the current interest in Anime and Anime culture. According to Malcolm Harris, the game's developer and company CEO, "Here you'll have your chance to join in or create adventures in the zany style of many Japanese cartoons and comics." The gaming system will be the 2d6 system that Maximum CNG developed for Nemesis: A Perfect World. However, the rest of the game will take on the fun aspect of the Anime genre. "Majoko is a world where your imagination is allowed to roam free and adventure lurks behind every corner,"
Malcolm Harris finished in his announcement.

Majoko (Witchgirls) will be promotionally released in at Project: Akon, which is held in Dallas, TX at the beginning of June. Preorders will be taken on the website and at Project: Akon. The wide release of Majoko will be in early July, a year after their first role playing book was published.

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