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posted on 2002-05-08 20:48 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
Akira, Blue Seed and 3x3 Eyes.

Starz Encore has already begun presentation of the entire 26 episodes of Blue Seed, the first episode was Broadcast Saturday Night / Sunday Morning at Midnight, with episodes. Starz Encore Action is broadcasting episodes several times a week (schedule at and according to Anime on TV will boradcast the TV series twice. But no mention of whether they are broadcasting it twice simultaneously or will restart the series after the first run completes.

Akira (The remastered version) will be shown on July 6th, July 9th and July 29th, at 12:00 am, 11:40pm and 7:50pm respectively.

3x3 eyes airs throughout July starting on July 23rd at 12:00 am. The full scedule can be seen at

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