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AnimEigo to replace KOR DVDs

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
AE will remaster a complete new set of Kimagure Orange Road DVDs with opening credits in the usual place.

Thank you to Warner Young of Noname Anime for this item.

AnimEigo CEO has once again updated AE's website with a new message to fans. The new message explains that AnimEigo will be doing exactly what no one expected them to do... re-mastering an entire new set of Kimagure Orange Road DVDs, with the opening credits intact for each episode, and exchanging the DVDs free of charge.

The full message from AnimEigo's website is as follows:

June 13, 2002 - AnimEigo to remaster, replace KOR DVD Box Set discs

A personal message from AnimEigo CEO, Robert Woodhead

The KOR DVD Box set has a opening/ending credits layout that is different from the industry standard. This change was well intentioned, but has upset a lot of fans.

To make a long story short, we royally screwed up, and we're going to fix it -- at our expense. We're also going to make revisions in our internal procedures to ensure that things like this don't happen again.

The KOR DVD Box Set will be completely remastered, restoring the opening credits to their proper places. Anyone who has bought the original box set who wants the new version will be able to swap their old discs for the new discs, free of charge.

Obviously, this is going to take some time, and we don't have a good estimate yet for how long it will take. We will do it as fast as we can, but we want to take some extra time to review every aspect of the box set to make sure that this time, it's as perfect as possible.

We will also be formulating -- and posting -- a set of standards we will use for DVD functionality on all our DVDs, and if we ever feel we have to deviate from these standards in the future, we will prominently announce that fact well in advance, along with an explanation.

Furthermore, to reassure you that future AnimEigo DVDs won't have these kind of problems, we are going to start sending out some internal test discs to prominent reviewers in the fan community.

When we have a better estimate of the release date of the new version, we'll announce it. When it's available, we will email everyone who has purchased the original set to let them know they can send in their old discs.

To make the swap as easy as possible, all you'll have to do is stick the actual DVDs in an envelope, mail them back to us, and we'll mail you replacement DVDs. No need to send us the box or the Amaray cases. We'll finalize the details at a later date.

I want to end by offering a personal apology to all the fans who have been upset by this situation. In the last year or so, as AnimEigo added considerable staff, I started delegating a lot more of my workload in order to spend more time with my children. This debacle is an indirect result of that decision, I take full responsibility for it, and I'm taking steps to fix the problem.

Robert Woodhead, CEO, AnimEigo.

PS: To those of you who have already bought the box set, since we're remastering it anyway, if you encounter any problems with the current set, in particular subtitle layout and color problems, please email Mike (Mike@AnimEigo.com) and let him know.

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