AX 2002: Newtype USA Panel

posted on 2002-07-07 01:55 EDT by George Phillips
Falling from the hands of Digital Manga, ADV finished a "preview" issue of Newtype USA and circulated around the convention.

Takashi Watanabe, Editor-in-Chief of Newtype Japan, came to the States to formally announce Newtype USA, a domestic version of the #1 Japanese anime magazine. The Japanese version of Newtype is nbow over 18 years old. It's known as the "moving pictures magazine" as it covers animation in all forms: movies, OVAs, and TV series.

Newtype USA will be patterned after its Japanese counterpart, including full-page spreads and lots and lots of images. There are some notable additions, too, such as an anime girl "centerfold". Kei (from Dirty Pair Flash) received the honor of being Newtype USA's first centerfold. Newtype also said they hope to include DVDs with most, if not all, future issues. These DVDs might even include free episodes from various series or other bonuses.

ADV Films invested a lot of time and effort into producing this preview issue, but they stated that once Newtype USA gets going this October, it will be an unbiased source of news and information -- if the other companies wish to participate.

While a Newtype USA might be a welcome addition to the American anime scene, it comes at a heavy price -- $89.95 for 12 issues. Subscriptions can be obtained through

When asked why Digital Manga lost the rights to Newtype USA, Watanabe and his translator read a prepared statement, citing the quality of ADV's prototype edition being superior to Digital Manga's. Newtype said that both they and Digital Manga are on good terms, and if the opportunity arises, might collaborate in the future.

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