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No Sound Effect Translations in Tokyopop Manga

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Tokyopop will no longer translate the sound effects in their 100% Authentic line of Manga. Tokyopop aquires 4 new Manwha.

TOKYOPOP has decided to no longer translate the sound effects in their line of "100% Authentic Manga." What this means is that in titles suchs as GTO the sound effects will remain in their original Japanese Kanji instead of being translated to English equivalents such as "Bang."

TOKYOPOP marcom manager Kristien Brada-Thompson explains the decision as "Staying with our policy of keeping it as authentic as possible," and states that this was always part of their original plans for the "100% Authentic" line. "That's what the fans have asked for," explains Kristien.

While the desire for unflipped Manga has always been pretty unanimous, there have always been mixed opinions regarding the translation of sound effects in the North American Manga readership. For some, translating the sound effect destroys the original art, especially when the background under the original sound effect is erased. For others, untranslated sound effects mean an incomplete translation.

Cost and efficiency have always been an aspect of the "100% Authentic" line and TOKYOPOP has never tried to cover this up. The less they have to change in a Manga, the cheaper it is to produce and the faster they can get it to market. This is no different with this latest development, "There are multiple elements to the decision, one is obviously efficiency," explains Kristien. However she adds, "But authenticity was the key issue."

For other titles not a part of the "100% Authetic" line, TOKYOPOP will be making a case by case decision regarding sound effects, this includes all their manwha titles.

In other news, TOKYOPOP announced the acquisition of four new Manwha this week; Rebirth, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Dragon Hunter and King of Hell. More details about these can be read on TOKYOPOP's website at www.tokyopop.com.

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