Japan and China to co-produce Anime

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Nippon Animation Co. and China Central TV Broadcasting Station, the national and the largest in China, agreed to make TV Anime series jointly.

The Nippon Animation Company and the China Central TV Broadcasting Station (CCTV) have announced that they signed a deal, earlier this month, to co-produce a number of Anime TV Series to be broadcast in Japan and China.

As many as 20 of Nippon Animation's staff will be transferred to China to work on the project, and CCTV will also send a number of staff to Japan to study the Japanese way of producing animated TV series.

This is the first time a Japanese Anime studio has signed a major deal with a major Chinese TV station. Chinese law restricts the amount of exposure and airtime foreign produced material can receive on Chinese TV. However material that is co-produced with a chinese company is not subject to these limitations, as such this will be the first time that a Japanese Anime series is broadcast across China since these rules were put into effect.

The first series will be called Girl Cozett and is based on the theatre play, Les Miserables, is scheduled to air in China in fall 2003 and to run for 52 episodes, it will also be shown in Japan. Cozett is expected to cost aproximately the same (per episode) as an average Anime TV series produced in Japan. The plan also calls for Girl Cozett to be shown in international markets and film festivals such as Cannes.

Subsequent titles produced as a result of the agreement will be based on classic literature; Nippon Animation is best known for ANime based on classic literature, such as Marco.

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