Japanese Ministry Suggests Government promote Anime and Manga

posted on 2002-11-30 22:22 EST by Christopher Macdonald
A report from the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science suggests that Japanese Culture in the form of Anime, Manga and movies, be promoted overseas

Source: Daily Yomiuri

On the 28th the advisory arm of the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science released a draft report on "The basic policy on the promotion of culture and art." The draft emphasizes the importance of the domestic promotion of modern Japanese culture and art in forms such as Manga, Anime and Movies. As a result of such efforts, they hope Anime and Manga will find a larger market overseas. Also emphasized was the importance of teaching the Japanese language more thouroughly to Japanese children (reflecting the belief that the ability of Japanese children to properly read and write Japanese is falling).

In a meeting in early December, the Japanese cabinet will decide on a basic policy outlining the general means and methods to promote modern Japanese culture and art for the next five years, starting in 2003. The decision will be based on the final draft of the ministry's report.

The report sees Japanese comics and animation positively, reffering to U.S. Shonen Jump and Spirited Away, which won the grand prize at the Berlin Internaional Film Festival, "They have spread among people and have been motivitaing the whole of the Japanese artistic community." It emphasizes how important it is to introduce Manga, Anime and Japanese movies to overseas markets and to support them financially.

Already back in April, the Ministry produced a report calling for the Government to promote Anime.

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