"Renewal of Evangelion" and More

posted on 2002-12-08 16:47 EST by Jonathan Mays
New Evangelion Products to Include Remastered DVDs with Improved Video and 5.1 Audio, UFO Catcher Dolls, New OP/ED Music CD, Action Figures, Girfriend of Steel Sequel

"Second Coming," Newtype's upcoming article on Evangelion, will announce the release of several new Eva products in Japan.

Throughout the first half of 2003, Gainax will release a new series of Super-Deformed UFO Catcher Dolls in monthly sets. March offerings will include a CD containing new versions of the "Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis" opening and "Fly me to the Moon" ending themes, along with another (non-SD) series of action figures. In April, two versions of the sequel to "Kotetsu no Girfriend" (Girlfriend of Steel) will be available for PC.

The most significant announcement, however, is "Renewal of Evangelion," a DVD rerelease of the entire TV series. Each disc will include remastered video and Dolby 5.1 audio. The first two DVDs, along with an exclusive art-box for the entire series, will be available in June 2003.

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