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Upcoming Anime Titles

posted on by Garry Berryhill
A list of the latest and greatest coming from Japan.


Poyoyon Rock
Based on the PC game Popotan

Scrapped Princess
to air on WOWOW
Based on Ichiro Sakaki's fantasy novel of the same title
Director : Sōichi Masui
Script supervisor : Reiko Yoshida
Character design : Takahiro Komori
Produced in Bonzu

Asu no Nadja ("Nadja the Tomorrow")
Begins on February 2, on ABC
Series director : Takuya Igarashi
Script supervisor : Tomoko Konparu
Character designer : Kazuto Nakazawa
Produced in Toei Animation
The Manga version will appear in Nakayoshi magazine

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution
Begins on TV Tokyo on January 6, 2003
Airs at 6 p.m. on Mondays
Director : Mitsuo Hashimoto
Script supervisor : Katsuo Hasegawa

Digi-girl Pop!
Based on the flash cartoon on the web
Begins on February 17, on Kids Station
7 p.m. from Monday to Friday
Director : Taro Yamada
Series planner : Reiko Yoshida
Supervisor : Masaru Nagaishi
Produced in Creators Dot Com

Garakuta-Dori no Stein ("Stein in Trash Street")
Begins on January 6, on Kids Station
Airs at 12 p.m.on Monday, Thuesday and Wednesday
Premiered between 10:50 and 23:30 p.m.on December 31
Director, Original Idea, Scriptwriter : Ryuji Masuda
Background art and character design : Wakako Masuda
CGI cartoon, non-voice

Airs on TBS
Planned by Ushio Higuchi
Script Supervisor : Yū Yamamoto
Character design and animation grand supervisor : Jun Shibata
Produced in Wow-World


Based on the same title Manga serialized in Weekly Shōnen Champion
Director : Kiyotaka Ohata
Script : Tomoyasu Okubo
Character design : Masashi Ishihara
Produced in J.C.STAFF
Distributed by King Record

Hunter Hunter Greed Island
Total 4 volumes
The first DVD will be on sale on February 19
Based on Yoshihiro Togashi's same title Manga serialized in Shonen Jump


NITABOH Tsugaru-jamisen Shiso Jita-boh Gaiden ("The Another Tale of Jita-Boh The Father of Tsugaru Guitar )
Director : Akio Nishizawa
Script : Akio Nishizawa and Kōji Tanaka
Produced in Wow-World

From the January issue of Animage

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