New Anime Convention Being Planned For Baltimore

posted on 2003-01-07 13:50 EST by Christopher Macdonald
NeoAniCon in early planning stages. Financial assistance needed. Staff Members Also Are Needed.

Excerpts from Press Release:

A new anime convention is currently in the early planning stages for launch in the Baltimore, MD area. Kun Sun Sweeley, president of NeoAniCon is proud to announce the planning of NeoAniCon that will be launched in the Baltimore, MD area with help from some members from the Forum and some personal friends. The date for NeoAniCon is unknown at this time but we have plans on launching it on the month that Spring Break occurs on. To our current knowledge, there are no conventions held in the Baltimore area during the month of Spring Break. We are actively searching for a possible location to hold the convention, we're currently looking at hotels in downtown Baltimore. We also are in need of acquiring funding for our convention. There are immediate plans to file a U.S. Trademark application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect the name of our convention and to register for the official website of our convention as soon as we obtain funding for the convention. We know the cost of filing a U.S. Trademark costs $335, registering a domain name varies in cost depending on what registration service we use. We are also actively seeking staff members to work with the convention. The following positions are currently available and people can select what position they want to work on. There is a limit of people who can be in one position, 5 people in one position is the minimum, 10 people in one position is the maximum.

Positions that are currently open:

:::Position List Subject to Change:::

Legal Issues
Dealer's Room
Video Room
Website Manager
Website Editor
Japanese Guest Relations
American Guest Relations
Press/Industry Relations
Video Gaming
Correspondence Secretary

:::Position List Subject to Change:::

Anyone who is interested in helping us to obtain funding or is interested in becoming a staff member, please instant message the president for AniNeoCon using AOL Instant Messenger, screen name is WeezingPok or email the president at [email protected] please put in the Subject area "AniNeoCon".

About NeoAniCon
NeoAniCon is a new convention that was created by Kun Sun Sweeley who is the president for the convention. Planning for NeoAniCon started in early January 2003 with some members of the forum and some personal friends. The launch date for the convention is unknown. The convention will be held in the Baltimore, MD area. Location scouting will begin soon to find a suitable location for the location. As soon as a suitable location is found, negotiations for reserving the location will begin immediately. NeoAniCon is New Anime Convention, Neo means New, Ani is a abbreviation of Anime, and Con is a abbreviation of Convention.

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