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Miyazaki produces commercial for food company

Source: Nikkan (Japanese)

Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli have produced a series of four TV commercials for Japanese food company House Shokuhin. The commercials depict a Japanese family in the late '50s, with a theme revolving around family relationship (A theme Miyazaki brings up frequently in his works and discussion).

Toshio Suzuki stated at a press conference that it took Gihibli 10 months, starting in July 2002, to complete the commercials.

Lyrics for the theme song, Okarsan no Shashin ("A picture of my mother"), were written my Miyazaki and sung by Tsunehiko Kamijo. At the press conference Kamijo siad the song was very charming, "At the
recording studio, I saw that were tears in Miyazaki's eyes when I was singing the song."

The commercials will begin airing on June 1st, it is the first time that Miyazaki makes a TV commercial.

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