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A-Kon News

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Licensing and other announcements from ADV, Bandai, CPM, Pioneer and Media Blasters

Our full A-Kon report will be up later, but here are a number of the more important announcements made at the various panels today.

ADV Films

  • ADV has licensed Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat and Aquarian Age - Sign for Evolution.
  • The Mospeada box should ship soon, included will be a 22 page booklet with nehind the scenes information.
  • The script for the Eva movies is complete and they are happy with it, but it is still in the aproval stage.

    Bandai Entertainment
  • Bandai has licensed Cyber Formula GPX, it will be released subtitled only in a complete box.
  • They've also licensed Yukikaze, one of Gonzo's 10th anniversary series.
  • They confirmed that they have Love Hina Again, it should be out in September. A box with all the Love Hina OVAs (Again+ Spring & Summer Specials) will be out in November

    Central Park Media
  • CPM will be releasing the Patlabor OAVs in a double DVD box with commentary across all episodes.
  • CPM has resolved licensing issues with some of their back-titles, and should be making announcements regarding releases at AX.

  • As stated yesterday, FUNimation has Kiddy Grade.

    Media Blasters
  • No new announcements, but a confirmation that MB does not have the éX-Driver the Movie, but they do have the OVAs.

  • Pioneer has acquired Earth Defender Mao-chan
  • They also have Last Exile, another of Gonzo's 10th anniversary titles.

    Please note: We believe everything here to be true, but as was illustrated yesterday, mistakes can be made at convention panels. We will be confirming all the above information with our studio contacts on Monday.

    Correction: CPM's Patlabor OVA set will have commentary across three episodes, not all of them.

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