Legend of the Galactic Heroes R1 DVD Update

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Potential Legend of the Galactic Heroes R1 release price point, and an appeal to fans

According to a message posted to the Legend of Galactic Heroes mailing list on behalf of producers of LoGH, "hundreds" of North American fans have pledged to purchase a limited edition English-subtitled LoGH DVD box set if and when one is made available. While the total number of pledges received is still "somewhat short" of the goal of 1,500 necessary before production will be considered, Wright Staff Co., which holds the overseas distribution rights for LoGH, is convinced the goal will be met. The Japanese release of the series retails for Y231,000 (approximately $1925). If an R1 release will take place, Wright Staff is "pretty confident" a price point of $1700 can be set.

In the same message, the LoGH production staff clarifies the situation with Hong Kong releases of the series. Currently, no companies outside Japan hold rights to release the series, and all releases sold by companies such as Manga International are bootlegs. Therefore, fans are asked to refrain from purchasing any such releases, which may seem authentic, but are in fact "harmful to anime creators, companies and everyone involved in making legitimate releases available."

The full text of the message is reproduced below:

Hello LOGH fans -

Because of LOGH's popularity in Hong Kong and China, the official LOGH DVDs were prepared with Chinese audio (in addition to Japanese) and Chinese subtitles, and so these official DVDs released in Japan recently are sold in those countries as well.

There have been reports of Manga International and possibly other companies selling what may seem like legitimate LOGH DVDs in Hong Kong, and that many of these are imported and being sold in the US as well.

While it is true that one Hong Kong-based company held LOGH DVD rights until earlier this year, it no longer is the case. No other parties in Hong Kong, including MI, currently hold LOGH DVD rights.

It should be obvious that the DVDs MI sells are bootlegs. And it goes without saying, purchasing bootlegs is not unlike supporting criminal acts, and it can be harmful to anime creators, companies and everyone involved in making legitimate releases available.

As we all know, LOGH is a gigantic production that was made over many, many years. Due to its age, material conditions, etc., it was decided to restore and/or re-animate countless parts of the series for the DVD release, especially the earlier episodes, despite the enormous expenses that that would incur.

The producers of LOGH would like to acknowledge receiving hundreds of email comments and pledges for the release of R1 English-Subtitled LOGH Limited-Edition DVD Boxset. While the total number of pledges so far is still somewhat short of our goal, they feel confident that the Boxset can be sold for US$1,700, not US$2,000+ (as previously speculated), provided that the goal of 1,500 pledges be met.

Stay tuned for more announcements...

An US-based staff, on behalf of
the LOGH project team and Producers.

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