Japanese Airport named After Samurai

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Kochi airport named after Ryoma Sakamoto, a 19th century Samurai responsible for many events during the "Kenshin" time line.

While it is common tradition internationally to name airports after important historical figures such as JFK and Charles de Gaule, Japan has never practiced the tradition... until now.

On November 15th the Kochi was renamed Kochi Ryoma Airport, after Ryoma Sakamoto, a 19th century Samurai. Although buried in Kyota, Ryoma was born near Kochi. Ryoma was famous for many things and his exploits have been celebrated in films, books and manga. A ronin samurai that carried a pistol as well as the traditional swords of a samurai, Ryoma is most celebrated for the profound influence he had on ending the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate. It was Ryoma that arranged for an alliance between the Satsuma clan and the rebel Choshu clan. This alliance between the former rival clans, along with the Tosa clan made up the majority of the power of the Ishin movement.

Ryoma Sakamoto was assasinated in 1867.

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