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Toei Animation released its fiscal report for the half-year ending in September 2003 this past week. Although the animation giant saw total sales rise by 6.0 percent, domestic anime movies box office profit decreased by 49.2 percent and overseas sales decreased by 31.0 percent from the previous half year.

As for their licensing business, sales dropped by 19.2 percent domestically and by 19.1 percent overseas. The total sales amount to 9.097 billion yen in the fiscal half ended September.

Overseas sales amounted to 6.3 billion yen during April 2003 and March 2004. 2.7 billion yen in the North America, 2.0 in Europe, 0.8 in Asia, and 0.6 in Central and South America. Toei expects to see overseas sales drop to 4.9 billion yen in the next year.

The biggest part of their growth was due to the strong performance of their content business, which saw sales rise by 171.4 percent in the period, making up for weaker performances in other categories. The content business handles the home video releases and re-releases of Toei Animation catalog, including titles going as far back as 1955 that Toei Animation has been very eager to re-release on DVD.

Explaining the weak performance in their box office profits and overseas sales, Toei Animation explained to ANN that their biggest titles such as Digimon were at the end of their "lifetime of popularity" and that newly developped titles had not yet filled the gap.

Meanwhile, the January 10th issue of the Japan Economic Newswire announced the profit forecasts for Toei Animation and a number of other anime powerhouses for their upcoming year ends. Despite the slight increase in Toei Animation's sales as of their first half ending in September, they are forecasting a decrease in sales for the combined first and second halfs.

Toei Animation :
Sales 17.7 billion yen (down by 4 percent)
Pretax profit 3.2 billion yen (down by 31 percent)
Fiscal year ending in March 2004

Sotsu Agency:
Sales 10 billion yen (+1 percent)
Pretax profit 1.6 billion yen (-7 percent)
in the half year through August 2004

Broccoli :
Sales 8.19 billion yen (decreasing slightly)
Pretax profit -0.48 billion yen
through Feb 2004

Marvelous :
Sales 6.46 billion yen (+45 percent)
Pretax profit 0.6 billion yen (+14 percent)
Fiscal year ending in March 2004

Sales 2.44 billion yen (+8 percent)
Pretax profit 0.21 billion yen (-38 percent)
ended Dec 2003

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